My Results FAQ’s

Qscan are pleased to introduce Qscan ‘My Results’, a secure digital program designed for patients and referrers, providing easy access to reports and images. As a patient you will now have on-the-go access to your Qscan reports and images via smart phone, tablet or online web portal. Benefits for you include:

  • An improved experienced as you are no longer required to wait or return to collect films
  • Access to reports and key images to maintain a clearer picture of your health profile
  • No film storage

To access the Qscan My Results web portal please click here


Yes, your results online are for your digital health record and not for diagnostic use, you should always consult with your doctor prior to accessing results online.

As a part of our commitment to patient care this service is offered free of charge to our patients.

Your images and report will be available through the app or web portal, your images will be delivered within 24 hours and your report will follow 5-6 days following your service.  This enables time for your referring clinician to discuss results with you directly.  Delivery and retention of your results is to assist with the maintenance of your digital health profile.


Please contact Medinexus for technical support on 1300 79 69 59, or Qscan Radiology Clinics on (07) 3357 0357.

In addition to reducing our impact on the environment and carbon footprint you will not have to wait or return to collect your images.  Your radiology images are an important part of your medical record, My Results provides you with convenient and secure access to your images and reports anywhere, anytime.

Yes, if you would like films please speak to our Customer Service team at the time of your appointment.

Your referring practitioner or treating physicians are able to access your results.  Your referring practitioner also has the ability to forward your results to other treating practitioners.

The app is available through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, search Qscan Patient Access.  If you do not have a smartphone or tablet you are able to access your results through the web portal.

Your results are also available through the My Results web portal.  Access to the portal can be gained by going to:

Please ensure that you are accessing My Results Patient Access not the Referrer Access.  For patient access please go to:  If you have forgotten your password please try the online, lost password option located on the app or web portal.  If this is not successful, please contact Medinexus on 1300 79 69 59.

The images presented are a selection of  key images and are not for diagnostic purposes. Your referring physician will have access to the full suite of higher quality images.

A full set of images from your study are available through the My Results web portal.  The same username and password for the app will enable you to access the web portal, from here you will be able to select “View All Images”.  Results will be available through the app or web portal from 18th July 2016.  For access to the portal please go to:

My Results works well with all browsers.

Images can be saved from the web portal.

Images can be printed from the web portal.

Images are delivered in Jpeg format for fast and easy viewing.  Diagnostic quality images are available for your referring practitioner.

No additional storage is required to view the reports and images.  Viewing your report and images, is similar to viewing a standard web page.

Viewing your report and images, is similar to viewing a standard web page.

It’s possible you’ve entered the URL into a search engine rather than the address bar. Please try the following link:

All Qscan patient information is stored at a highly secure Australian Tier 1 Data Centre

Yes, a link to images and reports can be forwarded via email by selecting the “send email” option in the app or web portal.

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