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Foot Health Week- Symptomatic Arthritis


Did you know?…

… bone scan can help to identify symptomatic arthritis.

Patients with localised foot pain may have x-ray or CT evidence of arthropathy involving multiple joints. Bone scan including SPECT/CT imaging can determine which joints are actively inflamed so that treatment such as steroid and local anaesthetic injection can be targeted at these joints.

In this case, a middle-aged man presented with lateral right foot pain. Qscan’s state-of-the-art SPECT/CT displayed increased activity at the right cuneiform-cuboid joint (see above Figures 1 and 2, arrow). Ultrasound confirmed inflammation in this joint (Figure 3), and an ultrasound-guided steroid and local anaesthetic injection was subsequently performed with good effect (Figure 4).

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Dr Phillip Law

Nuclear Medicine, PET Specialist

Partner Radiologist- Qscan Radiology