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Ground Breaking Treatment Improves Outcomes For Stroke Patients


Some of the best doctors in the world are utilising cutting-edge medical imaging and computer software at the Gold Coast University Hospital which is assisting Neurovascular Interventional Neuroradiologists to improve outcomes for stroke patients.

This ground breaking technology allows specialist doctors to remove large blood clots from inside the brain without having to operate through the skull. Qscan’s very own Doctor Hal Rice (one of only seven Interventional Neurovascular Specialists in Queensland) and Doctor Laetitia de Villiers use increasingly sophisticated clot removing devices to access blood vessels on the inside of a patient’s brain via a major artery in the groin.

A millimetre-wide tube called a micro catheter is inserted via the patient’s femoral artery and then manipulated internally through chest and neck vessels into the brain, explains Dr Rice.

The revolutionary Neurovascular Thrombectomy procedure is now replacing traditional clot dissolving drugs as the definitive treatment for severe strokes affecting the major blood vessels of the brain.

Dr Rice says “We can now effectively remove large blood clots that typically don’t respond well to traditional clot busting medications, and most importantly a patient treated by this technique statistically has a significantly better likelihood of a full neurological recovery.”

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