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World Cancer Day


World Cancer Day takes place this year on Sunday 4th February, aiming to raise awareness of cancer in people’s minds and in the media. This year alone, 14 million people will be diagnosed with cancer, with that number estimated to rise to 21.7 million by 2030. These figures show that cases of cancer are on the rise, bringing an urgent need for action together and individually. 

The theme for 2018 is ‘We Can.I Can.’, which explores what initiatives can be done both individually, including making healthy life choices, and together, such as improving access to cancer health care. Qscan aims to contribute to the fight against cancer by improving access nationally to diagnostic imaging to help find, diagnose and stage cancer.  

Treatment can be significantly more effective when cancer is detected early, making it a priority for us at Qscan to provide the best imaging for early diagnosis. The combination of PET and CT produces highly sensitive imaging with the ability to detect early stages of cancer which is often undetectable by CT or other imaging alone. PET-CT is therefore the gold standard in diagnosing, staging, planning and monitoring cancer and its treatment. 

Recently at Qscan, we have focused on expanding our PET-CT services nationwide, helping improve access for cancer patients. Our new PET-CT centres include North Lakes, Brisbane, Hobart, Tasmania and our new PET-CT centre opening soon in Mackay, Queensland. These PET-CT Centres use the latest scanner from Siemens which has been chosen due to its unparalleled image quality, lowest radiation dose and optimised patient safety and comfort. To provide our patients with the best care, we ensure our patients scans are interpreted by a focused team of highly trained subspecialty oncologic radiologists. 

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