Qscan My Results Patient Access FAQ’s

Qscan is pleased to introduce the Qscan MyResults Patient Access app, a secure digital program designed for patients providing easy access to reports and images. As a patient you will now have on-the-go access to your Qscan reports and images via smart phone, tablet or online web portal. Benefits for you include:

  • An improved experience as you are no longer required to wait or return to collect films
  • Access to reports and key images to maintain a clearer picture of your health profile
  • No film storage

To login to the web portal please visit: https://dd.medinexus.com.au/WEB/login.aspx?&f=7028

Please note the following ACT Qscan locations are not currently available on the Qscan MyResults Patient app or portal. If you’ve attended one of the below locations, please contact them using the numbers below:

Qscan Braddon (02) 6126 5070
Qscan Kingston (02) 6126 5000
Qscan Gungahlin (02) 6126 5090
Qscan University of Canberra (02) 6126 5000
Qscan Macquarie (02) 6126 5020
Qscan Calvary Hospital (02) 6126 5050

If you have forgotten your Pin to access the Qscan patient App, please select the forgot Pin option located on the App login screen.

If you have forgotten your login details for the MyResults web portal, please try the online, lost password option located on the MyResults web portal login page.

If you are still not successful, please contact Medinexus at https://dd.medinexus.com.au/WEB/login.aspx?&f=7028

Yes, your results online are for your digital health record and not for diagnostic use, you should always consult with your doctor prior to accessing results online.

Your images and report will be available after 7 days.  This enables time for your referring clinician to discuss results with you directly.  Delivery and retention of your results is to assist with the maintenance of your digital health profile.

Your images and report will be available after 7 days.  Once your result has been processed the SMS will be sent to you automatically.

Your images and report will be available after 7 days.  This enables time for your referring clinician to discuss results with you directly.

The app is available through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, search for ‘Qscan Patient Access’.


We have recently updated our app login process.  As soon as your report has been finalised, you will be sent a SMS/email with details on how to login and setup your Pin to login to the new app.  Your username and password will still allow you to login to the web portal.  If you do not receive a SMS/email alert, please contact Medinexus for technical support at https://dd.medinexus.com.au/WEB/login.aspx?&f=7028

Please ensure that you have downloaded the Qscan Patient App and not the Qscan Referrer App.

Unfortunately not, each patient has their own separate account.

Images can be saved from the web portal.

Your referring practitioner or treating physicians are able to access your results. Your referring practitioner also has the ability to forward your results to other treating practitioners.

The images presented are a selection of key images and are not for diagnostic purposes. Your referring physician will have access to the full suite of higher quality images.

No additional storage is required to view the reports and images.  Viewing your report and images, is similar to viewing a standard web page.

Viewing your report and images, is similar to viewing a standard web page.

All Qscan patient information is stored at a highly secure Australian Tier 1 Data Centre.

Our web portal will work well with most of the latest web browsers.  Popular choices are Firefox and Chrome.  Due to security risks identified by Microsoft, Medinexus will no longer allow access via Internet Explorer from Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 Operating Systems.

If you are experiencing problems, please use Firefox or Chrome until you have upgraded your operating system.

Images can be saved from the MyResults web portal by right clicking on the image and selecting the save option.

Images can be printed from the MyResults web portal.  Either right click the image and select the Save option or select the print option from within the report on the MyResults web portal.

Images are delivered in Jpeg format for fast and easy viewing.  Diagnostic quality images are available for your referring practitioner.

Yes, if you would like films please speak to our Customer Service team at the time of your appointment.

In addition to reducing our impact on the environment and carbon footprint you will not have to wait or return to collect your images.  Your radiology images are an important part of your medical record, My Results provides you with convenient and secure access to your images and reports anywhere, anytime.

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