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Download InteleViewer & Registration

Qscan iQ offers web access to Qscan results, including reports and images. Results can be viewed in real time, with easy, on-the-go access from any Windows or Mac desktop, laptop or Mac device. There is also a free app ‘InteleConnect’ for the iPhone and iPad. You can download it from the App Store now.

Qscan recognises the importance of delivering fast and accurate results to our referring practitioners. Qscan iQ is Qscan’s Picture and Archiving Communications System (PACS) used by our Radiologists and many of our referring practitioners. Qscan iQ is powered by InteleViewer, a highly regarded, advanced PACS and includes InteleConnect for online access to radiology results anywhere, anytime. If you would like to be set up to gain access to our free Qscan iQ service or require technical support please contact our Referrer Support Team on 07 3357 0911 or email

Would you like to register to access Qscan iQ? Please visit the below link then click on Apply for Account.

Use the links below to download InteleViewer software:

Referral Forms

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We offer personalised referral forms upon request. Please email

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Contact Us

Doctor Direct Line

Qscan has a dedicated phone line to provide referring practitioners with fast access to answers and support including:

  • Access to patient’s reports via electronic download (or fax to practice)
  • Request copies of previous reports
  • Communicate directly with our radiologists
  • Direct Line: (07) 3547 8050

If you need to speak to one of our doctors, please phone us on 03 6240 2300.

IT Support

Qscan has a dedicated phone line for referrers and reception who require IT support. Qscan can provide onsite and remote training to the clinic to support the Qscan iQ technology.

p: (07) 3357 0911


Regional Service Managers and Senior Business Development Managers

Our Regional Service & Senior Business Development Managers are dedicated in providing local medical practitioners and clinics with exceptional Qscan service across Australia. We provide tailored service options to best suit the referrer and clinic requirements

These include but are not limited to:

Contact us

If you require any additional support or have an enquiry please contact us or submit a request through this form and we will contact you.

Upload patient referral below using our secure pathway

  • We accept all referrals including standard or electronic referrals. Multiple files can also be uploaded if required.
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    We now accept e-Referrals via Best Practice

    Qscan is pleased to offer our valued referrers easy, fast and secure e-Referrals via your Best Practice PMS, supported by Medical Objects secure messaging software.

    For those referrers not utilising Best Practice, we accept all referrals including standard or electronic referrals. You can manually upload a patient referral using our secure pathway here.

    Downloading Medical Objects

    We have chosen Medical Objects to partner with Best Practice as our secure messaging provider due to its efficiency, security and speed (<40 second message delivery guarantee). Setup can be completed in just a couple of minutes on any Windows computer and referring practices are supported by the Medical Objects Support Team. Your patients’ data is protected by world class encryption solutions.

    Downloading Medical Objects is complimentary for Qscan’s valued referrers.

    To download Medical Objects, please complete this form– the Medical Objects team will be in touch within two business days. 

    Adding Qscan for eOrdering in Best Practice

    For those referrers who already have Best Practice and Medical Objects, Qscan Radiology Clinics will simply need to be added for eOrdering in Best Practice.

    Please visit this page for instructions on how to add Qscan for eOrdering.

    (You will need to ensure the latest BP data update is complete before commencing this process.)

    Is Qscan your preferred imaging provider?

    If you appreciate the quality of Qscan’s reports, you may choose to set Qscan up as your default imaging provider in Best Practice.

    Please see Best Practice’s instructions for set up here.

    Please note – if you have another provider set up as a default, you will need to override this to refer to Qscan for medical imaging.

    Frequently asked questions

    An e-Referral is also known as an eOrder- an electronic patient referral form used for radiology diagnostic imaging appointments.

    An e-Referral (eOrder) provides patient information related to their clinical health requirements in a timely manner, reducing the risk of booking errors and helping to save time for our referrers and patients.

    Unfortunately, at this stage we are only offering e-Referrals to referrers and practices which operate on Best Practice, Practice Management System.

    Qscan intend to introduce e-Referrals for Medical Director and Genie in the near future.

    For those referrers not utilising Best Practice, we accept all referrals including standard or electronic referrals. You can manually upload a patient referral using our secure pathway here.

    The following Best Practice versions provide you with e-Referral (or eOrders as BP call it) capability:

    • Saffron
    • Orchid (planned for release in Q3 2022)

    Majority, if not all, practices should be operating on the Saffron SP3 by now, as there were mandatory Medicare Web Services changes that need to be included into the BP software which were released in the service pack 3 (SP3).

    IMPORTANT: To send an e-referral to Qscan Services, you need to ensure the August BP data upload has installed. For some practices this is automatic and for others it is manual. This is available for all BP customers from the 1 August 2022.

    Yes, we currently require Medical Object to send e-Referrals to Qscan.

    Downloading the Medical Objects client is complimentary for our valued referrers, to start this process please complete the Medical Objects set-up form.

    We have chosen Medical Objects to partner with Best Practice as our secure messaging provider due to its efficiency, security and speed (<40 second message delivery guarantee).

    Medical Objects install their client on your server for optimal performance, however some clinics may have installed it on their desktop.

    If you are unsure whether it is working correctly or where it is installed (desktop or server), please contact MO directly for assistance: or (07) 5456 6000.

    The MO team can help to identify whether it is set-up correctly or needs to be fixed.

    No. Best Practice does not provide an alert messaging or service to identify when an e-referral fails to be delivered to Qscan.

    Contact Medical Objects to check: or (07) 5456 6000.

    We recommend you contact Best Practice support: 1300 40 1111

    We recommend you contact Medical Objects support: or (07) 5456 6000.

    In the first instance we recommend you check out the Best Practice instructions: Set up Imaging eOrdering in Saffron SP1 or later ( Best Practice keep this up to date with their software changes.

    You can also contact your local Qscan Group Business Development Manager, who can help walk you through the instructions.

    Medical Objects have a Delivery Report which you can download daily or as required, to check your reports transferred from Best Practice.

    To access your Delivery Report please refer to the Medical Objects Delivery Report – Knowledgebase – Medical-Objects Knowledgebase article.

    If you are experiencing issues or do not understand the instructions, please contact Medical Objects: or (07) 5456 6000.

    Note: There is no way to identify whether a referral has been successfully sent from Best Practice, only Medical Objects.

    If you have an existing contact for Qscan Services in your Best Practice address book, it should have been identified as a duplicate entry and requested you to merge the contacts as part of the eOrder set-up process.

    A number of clients have advised the merge was not successful, with the original contact details remaining in the address book, in addition to the new contact which is configured for eOrders (e-Referrals). Unfortunately, this is a defect with Best Practice and not something Qscan can resolve.

    We recommend you delete the old contact and ensure the correct / new contact which is set-up for eOrders still exists. We also recommend you double check your preferences to ensure your print layout and preferred laboratory tick box is correct.

    Complete your e-Referral and include the words “URGENT” into the free field text box. It will be prioritised in our queue and actioned ASAP.

    You may also like to phone us on 1300 177 226. We receive the e-referral almost immediately, so the information will be available for our contact centre agents search and process the booking, should you call immediately.


    Medical Objects: 07 5456 6000

    Best Practice: 1300 40 1111

    Qscan IT Support: 07 3357 0911

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