Dental Imaging and OPG


An Orthopantomography (OPG) is a simple x-ray that provides the referring clinician with an overall view of your jaw, teeth and joints. It is an excellent tool for diagnosing diseases of teeth and bone, and is generally done for most patients that require surgical, periodontal or dental treatment.  An OPG is a rotational panoramic plain film dental x-ray that allows your referring practitioner to view the upper and lower jaw in a 2-dimensional format.

Cone Beam examinations are more detailed studies of the jaw, teeth and joints that are required for surgical procedures, implants, orthodontic treatment or diagnosing pathology.  A Cone Beam is a low dose CT that allows imaging of the jaw in 3-dimension.

OPG and cone beam examinations can be performed without prior preparation. The radiographer may ask you to remove metal objects such as necklaces and earrings, as well as dentures as they could potentially interfere with the quality of your images.

During an OPG or cone beam examination, the rotating arm of the machine will rotate around your head and the image is captured on film or a sensor.

An OPG image can be generated in approximately 5 minutes.

A cone beam examination can be completed within approximately 15 minutes.

The only risk associated with these scans is the very small dose of radiation from the x-ray unit.

OPG examinations may incur a fee.  Our friendly customer service team can advise you of any costs involved.

The cost of your Cone Beam examination depends on several factors, including the type of scan that has been requested and whether it was referred by a dental generalist or specialist. Our friendly customer service team will be able to advise you of the costs involved, including any out-of-pocket costs.


Images obtained from your scan are digitally recorded. At Qscan, a subspecialty trained Radiologist interprets the images obtained and provides a report for your doctor,

Reports and images will generally be available electronically via the Qscan Patient Results app and web portal within seven to 10 days.  If required, films are available for collection or delivery to your referring practitioner.  You may need to make a follow up appointment to discuss the results with your referring practitioner.

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