Dr Shashank Sharma

Radiologist, Qscan Radiology Clinics

Dr Shashank Sharma


Originally from India, Dr Shashank Sharma embarked on his medical journey in Mumbai, where he earned his medical degree in 2002. His passion for healthcare led him to pursue opportunities abroad, and he found himself honing his skills as a junior doctor in the United Kingdom, gaining invaluable experience in diverse medical settings.

Seeking new challenges and experiences, Shashank ventured to Australia in 2006, where he worked across multiple hospitals in New South Wales and Queensland, contributing his expertise and dedication to patient care. It was during this time that he discovered his fascination for radiology, prompting him to begin specialised training in Sydney in 2012.

Eager to embrace new opportunities and explore different facets of his profession, Shashank made the move to Canberra in 2019. Embracing the serene lifestyle and the vibrant healthcare community of the Australian Capital Territory, he found a perfect balance between his professional aspirations and personal well-being.

Shashank is a dedicated generalist radiologist working with both ACT Health and Qscan. He has a keen interest in abdominal imaging and non-vascular abdominal intervention. Leveraging his expertise in these areas, he continues to make a meaningful impact in healthcare, providing comprehensive

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