Corporate & Social Responsibility

Corporate and social responsibility is a very important business practice at Qscan. We have always believed Qscan can and should have a positive impact on the communities we serve.  We define Corporate Social Responsibility as making socially responsible procedures, engaging in socially responsible employee relations and making a commitment to the community around it.

We firmly believe in gender diversity and are committed to appointing applicants based on merit and equal opportunity principals. We are compliant with the Workplace Gender Quality Act 2012 which ensures that gender equality is achieved when people are able to access and enjoy the same rewards, resources and opportunities regardless of whether they are women or men and therefore creating a greater talent pool.

We are committed to promoting and maintaining a healthy workplace, endorsing worker social and emotional wellbeing through workplace practices and policies. We promote a smoke free workplace environment and encourage immunisation against seasonal influenza. By providing flexible working arrangements we are also able to minimise staff stress and promote a healthier work/life balance.

We recognise the importance of providing all patients, employees, visitors and contractors with a safe and healthy work environment. Our goal is to prevent all occupational injuries and illness.

We are committed to the rehabilitation and wellbeing of employees who are injured at work, we proactively engage and facilitate with employees during this period to help them return to their roles.

We have a designated Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator (RRTWC) to manage workplace rehabilitation and help provide guidance and support to injured workers.


At Qscan, we are committed towards adopting sustainable and innovative technology and product solutions that uphold our mission towards environmental responsibility. In keeping with this goal, we have identified a number of green initiatives that help reduce our environmental footprint.

Where possible, we consciously select products, services and technology solutions that improve energy efficiency and the company’s environmental impact. This also assists us to improve patient outcomes, provide better value and increase energy efficiency within each clinic.

We are committed to the disposable use of materials through reuse and recycling. We ensure that wherever possible, our paper is sourced from farmed trees and that there is secure document destruction and recycling bins at all clinical practices. Environmental services are outsourced to remove universal waste (such as monitors, computers and mobile phones), paper, paperboard, glass and plastics.

Through our commitment to using products that work towards shrinking our environmental footprint, we look for resources and packaging material which are more efficient and sustainable to minimise waste. We are also dedicated to providing a safe environment to ensure that staff, patients, visitors and referrers are safeguarded against needle stick injuries and or/exposure to medical waste. We also ensure that all medical waste is destroyed in an incinerator licensed by a Queensland regulating authority.

Modern Slavery 

Qscan is committed to actively combatting and eliminating all forms of modern slavery.

For more information, please read our Modern Slavery Report Statement.

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