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PSMA PET-CT Medicare Rebate


As of 1 July 2022, Medicare rebates are available for patients suffering from prostate cancer. Medicare will now cover the cost of whole body PSMA PET-CT scans for initial staging of prostate cancer, as well as restaging for prostate cancer recurrence.

More specific information regarding these Medicare changes is available from Medicare.

Qscan is a leader in PET-CT, consistently delivering a comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic service for over a decade. Qscan has also been involved in pioneering rural and regional access to PET-CT services, and has built a reputation of being on par with Australia’s leading tertiary academic institutions in terms of referrer demand and case complexity.

Qscan Group was the first in Australia to use Fluorine-18 (F-18) in PSMA PET-CT scans. This tracer developed by Professor Martin Pomper, director of nuclear medicine and imaging at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. To learn more, click here.

PSMA PET-CT imaging is offered at all Qscan clinics with PET-CT services. Click here to find a clinic near you.

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