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Rare and Uncommon Cancer PET-CT Medicare Rebate


As of 1 November 2022, Medicare rebates are available for patients suffering from rare and uncommon cancers. These are cancers with an incidence of 12 or fewer per 100,000 people, and include those shown in the image below. 

PET-CT scans are regularly used overseas to stage cancers to facilitate more accurate diagnoses and more informed treatment plans for oncologists and patients.

Qscan is a leader in PET-CT, consistently delivering a comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic service for over a decade. Qscan has also been involved in pioneering rural and regional access to PET-CT services, and has built a reputation of being on par with Australia’s leading tertiary academic institutions in terms of referrer demand and case complexity.

More specific information regarding these Medicare changes is available from Medicare. For more information regarding the efficacy of PET-CT scans in the management of these cancers, click here for a range of case studies.

This rebate is offered at all Qscan clinics with PET-CT services. Click here to find a clinic near you.

Rare and uncommon
Rare and uncommon eligible cancers

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