Qscan iQ and InteleViewer

Qscan iQ and InteleViewer provide access to Qscan’s Picture and Archiving Communications System (PACS). This is a highly regarded PACS used by our Radiologists and many of our referring practitioners.


Qscan iQ Image and Report Access Portal



What is the difference between Qscan iQ and Inteleviewer?

Qscan iQ is a weblink and InteleConnect is a downloadable desktop application allowing you to access your images and reports with enhanced user capabilities. They can be used from any Windows, Mac, desktop or laptop device.


How do I access Qscan iQ?

To register or access a Qscan iQ account  please visit:


How do I access Qscan InteleViewer?

Use the links below to download InteleViewer software:



What are the key features of Qscan iQ/ InteleViewer?

  • Instant ongoing access to images and reports via weblink or desktop software
  • Fast and high-quality images
  • The “Breakglass” feature allows you to access examinations not personally referred by you. (To access the “Breakglass” feature, if using Qscan iQ look for the “padlock” symbol” and if using InteleViewer look for the tab “Breakglass”)
  • Notification emails can be sent upon report verification.


How do I access Qscan iQ and InteleViewer support?

  • Call IT Support Team on 07 3357 0911
  • Email

Old ACT Visage PACs

Qscan has moved from Visage to InteleViewer. Only studies prior to 16 April 2024 will be located here.

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